5 Powerful ways to Boost Mobile App Downloads

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I know, you have finally Built your own app and published it in app stores!

But now the problem is, not getting enough downloads 🙁

Don’t worry, start reading these 5 powerful user acquisition techniques and try to implement it your own,  You will end up with millions of app downloads, and you will start earning real money 😅

1. Improve App Store Optimization to Boost Mobile App Downloads

App Store Optimization is the crucial piece of mobile app marketing and it is the process of optimizing mobile apps for the purpose of achieving top rank in the app store search results and top ranking charts. Similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites, App Store optimization is the SEO for Mobile Apps. Higher ranking in search results and top rankings will drive more app downloads.

With App Store Optimization, you can present your app in a perfect page that totally explains what your app does. Its main advantage, with that perfection, is making your app rank higher at the app store. From the study of meatti, App Store Optimization helped to boost app downloads by 1478% in less than a month!.

These are the elements App Store Optimization includes:

  • Category Analysis: Choosing the right app category affects your ranking. So first, a category analysis must be conducted.
  • Keyword Analysis: This is the most important part of App Store Optimization. You need to find relevant keywords with a higher chance of ranking. This should be a very detailed analysis to find the blue ocean for your app.
  • Name and Title Optimization According to the ASO Best Practices.
  • Description: You should optimize your description by using your main keywords.
  • Icon & Screenshot Optimization: They are what your audience first sees after opening your app store page. They must be optimized according to the best practices.
  • Localization if Needed: You must be clear about whether your app needs localization, for example, translate your app store description to local languages of your target audience. This might highly affect your number of downloads

Check out this article to learn more about the app store optimization best practices.

2. Social Media Marketing to Boost Mobile App Downloads

The number of apps in the app store by 2018 is 2 million and in google play store it is 3.8 million. So your app is only one app among the 3 million apps.  So getting visibility for your app on the app store and engaging your users with your application is not an easy game. But it is possible by building a “social community” of your targeted audience.

This social media community will help to increase the word of mouth communication about your app and it boosts your app downloads, also it keeps existing users informed and engaged.

You can build a social media community by

1. Share posts regularly and timely, you can use some tools like Buffer, Hootsuite etc to share your posts regularly and timely because these tools give a chance to manage multiple social media networks from one place.

2. Share informative or interesting contents for your target audiences.

3. Create and share stories about your app for eg: how your app helps to solve real problems in daily life, User Success stories etc.

4. Promote your app through social media contests and offer incentives for the winners.

5. Share reviews and testimonials about your app. Likes and Comments for this type of posts may be low, but it will surely help you to increase your app installs, engagement and conversions.

6. Create more video contents about your app, since it engages even the laziest user.

3. Design a Powerful Referral Program to Boost Mobile App Downloads

The rapid growth of a mobile app involves a viral loop, like the Entri’s incentive program, that gives free course validity, when your friend joins entri through your referrals. Creating such powerful incentives for users to share your product within their personal network is a good deal easier to do than it usually is.  Incentivizing users to send out invites and accepting invites is a good deal trickier to increase your organic downloads.

4. Facebook App Install Campaigns to Boost Mobile App Downloads

We can implement the above-mentioned techniques without spending any money, but if you have a marketing budget, you can promote your apps through paid marketing channels. Among them, the Facebook ad is the simple and low-cost way to bring new users to your app.

Here are the benefits of Facebook app install ads

  • It is very easy to set and highly trackable and measurable
  • Facebook offers incredibly precise targeting options to help you identify your right audience.
  • Facebook app install ads are very cost effective, you will get more users with less cost per install compared to other social media platforms. Also, you can advertise both on Facebook, Instagram and other partnered apps using the same ad manager tool.
  • You don’t need to spend a large amount of money to get started
  • Facebook also help to re-engage your app installed users at a low cost. It helps to increase your app engagement and sales.

Sounds interesting? Implement your first Facebook app install campaign now, Check out this article to learn more about the implementation step.

5. Google Ads Universal App install Campaigns to Boost Mobile App Downloads

Another paid app advertising channel is google ads universal app install campaigns. Using a single universal app campaign, you can advertise your app on Google Search, Google display network, Youtube, Google play and AdMob network. You don’t need to create separate campaigns for each network. Google use your ad text ideas and assets from your app’s store listing to design a variety of ads across several formats and networks. All you need to do is provide some text, a starting bid, and budget, and let Google ads know the languages and locations for your ads. Adwords will test different combinations and show ads that are performing the best more often, with no extra work needed from you.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to acquire users to your mobile apps, experiment all the above techniques and find out the best performing channels for your mobile app. Scale your user acquisition by optimizing your best-performing channels.

Share this article with app owners, who are desperate to acquire new users with less budget. Comment below if you have more techniques to share.

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